Baseball blues

I may be wasting words by talking about the World Series. It’s not like my Dodgers (or even my family’s beloved Cardinals) even came close, so I shouldn’t be commenting on four teams that I had previously given so little thought to. But it’s baseball, so I must comment.

When the playoffs began, I didn’t much care who won, but I still had to choose a National League team and an American League team. In the AL, I actually rooted for the Red Sox until the Indians started whooping them, then I switched allegiance (can you say “fair weather fan”?). Besides, the Indians eliminated the Yankees; gotta love ’em for that! Then the Sox made a comeback and routed the Indians. Oops.

In the NL, I picked the Diamondbacks over the Rockies, but the Rockies were on a roll and I was impressed. So when the Series started, it was Colorado or bust! But Boston was on a roll, too. By the end of Game 4, I was yelling at the Sox: “Just hurry and put them out of their misery!”

And they did. Swiftly.

I guess I have to hand it to the Red Sox. They just couldn’t be stopped.

Way to go, Sox.

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