Sunday morning hospital update

I was just about to write that the doc hadn’t been in today, and in he walked.

He’s going to ease Bruce off the IV fluids (actually, they’ve been doing that already, although they did give him the lipids again this morning) and give him a dose of Humira today, along with Benadryl to ease the typical injection-site reaction from the Humira. He’s also increasing one of the maintenance drugs Bruce has been on for nine years — the one that, in my opinion, started the downhill slide for Bruce when the doc tried taking him off of it in January 2007 because it puts him at higher risk for cancer. (We now have a cancer insurance policy.)

He said Bruce can possibly go home Monday, unless he starts getting worse again with this new drug therapy — in which case, he’ll consult with the surgeon again.

The doc just came back in and said the hospital pharmacy doesn’t have any Humira, so it may be Monday before they can get any. (We have also discussed the newest Crohn’s drug, but I imagine they would have to order that one. His partner has used it on some of his patients, with promising results.)

Still a waiting game. Keep the prayers coming.

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One thought on “Sunday morning hospital update

  • Monday, August 18, 2008 at 9:04 am

    still prayin for y’all…

    From Suzy:
    That means more than we can say.

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