I grew these!

I may not be very good with the growing of the food, but I seem to have found one that will grow despite my neglectful ways. These are my first strawberries, and the most successful attempt at growing actual food (several attempts at tomatoes have left me with nothing but anger at the local population of furry critters), so I’m obviously excited.

I bought this strawberry plant two years ago from Josh Hardin of Hardin Farms at the Certified Arkansas Farmers Market in North Little Rock. Josh gave me a few tips, I followed his advice, then promptly got busy with life and forgot about the berry plant. At the end of the first season, I assumed I had neglected it to death, but last summer it was still alive, and a couple of weeks ago I was bringing in the mail and saw a bunch of little itty bitty berries, so I watered it. A few days later, the berries were bigger and bright red, so I picked them. Today, I saw this beautiful sight. More berries to come!

Strawberry shortcake, anyone?

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