I’m such a loser!

After our final Biggest Loser weigh-in this morning at work, we losers received this e-mail:

“We have a winner! Congrats to Suzy for a wonderful 5.52% weight loss! Request for another 12 weeks has been made. If you are interested, please let me know.”

After spending a few seconds basking in the glow of my loss-win, I e-mailed back and said I was “in” for the next go-round (and apparently so did all the other participants). Our leader said this morning’s results would be our baseline for the next 12 weeks, and instead of a $2 entry fee, it would be $5. Sweet! So I went to collect my $18 in winnings for the first victory and handed her a $5 bill out of the envelope.

If you’ve been reading Suzy & Spice for the past few weeks, you know I didn’t enter the contest to win a few bucks; I entered because I needed the accountability and motivation that had been so lacking in my efforts to that point.

About a month ago (two-thirds of the way into our BL contest), I finally got the mojo. At that point, I began thinking like a winner. I knew I was going to be victorious, even if someone else won the contest (success doesn’t always mean coming in first). And I’d like to point out something I had forgotten until I started looking at my stats this morning: I didn’t hear about the contest until Day 5, so the other participants had nearly a week’s head start on me. No matter; I was destined to be on this journey to fitness, so here I am, 11.4 pounds lighter (today’s weight: 195) and determined to keep going.

And if you read my April 13 post, you know I had a big idea that sort of sprang from that: to propose a healthy-workplace initiative to the CEO of my company. I e-mailed him this morning, asked him to read the 4/13 post and give me the opportunity to pitch him the idea. He graciously agreed and told me to get with his assistant and make an appointment for next week. I’m meeting with him Monday morning!

Also giving me the impetus to pitch the idea to my CEO was last night’s appearance by Mayor Rick Elumbaugh at the local Women Run Arkansas pre-race pasta party (our “graduation” is tomorrow morning – a 5k race in Conway – and 65 women from the Batesville clinic are registered!).

Mayor Elumbaugh spoke about many things, including the Growing Healthy Communities initiative that Batesville became a part of in 2010, and his 2009 heart attack.

He was and is a runner, very fit in general. His health scare wasn’t because of obesity but because of high cholesterol. He urged every attendee last night to find out his or her total cholesterol (both HDL and LDL, or what Drs. Roizen and Oz call “Healthy” and “Lousy” cholesterol in their excellent and motivating book YOU: On a Diet).

I wish I had taken notes last night, because the mayor had so many good things to say, but I definitely will be seeking an audience with him or his staff next week, even if my meeting with Mr. CEO doesn’t go as I expect it to. If I am not able to spark a fire at work, I at least want to be involved in the healthy-community initiative and, more to the point, a healthy-family initiative.

(Don’t worry, Mom, I’m not going to try to round up all the relatives and make them start exercising and eating better. I’m just talking about my immediate household: my sweetie and me.)

Here’s where you, my dear friends, come in. At the end of the April 13 post, I solicited healthy-workplace ideas but received no suggestions. This time it is closer to becoming an actual thing – still just an idea in my tiny little brain, but a step in the right direction. So I will need everyone’s help in figuring out how to make this go. It will be a big project. I would welcome your thoughts and, as always, your prayers.

This is a big idea, and I may get shot down before it goes anywhere, but I have always believed this:


Please post comments with your ideas and information (send Web addresses if you have them).

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