Missing Suzy & Spice? Me, too

If you read Suzy & Spice regularly, you may have noticed that a few weeks’ worth of posts have disappeared. If you’ve missed them, I’m glad – it means you like me! But my Web host is missing them, too – quite literally.

Last week I received an email from Network Solutions, where I bought my domain name in November and switched all my posts from WordPress. (It’s still technically a WordPress blog, but the hosting is different – and more flexible … supposedly.)

The email said Network Solutions had “detected a storage hardware problem, involving a single MYSQL server. … We took immediate action to restore from backups, and while all of the data should be restored, some customers may still have missing data.”

And because it lost some of my data, Network Solutions blamed me:

“You did not previously have Database Backup enabled, therefore, we have restored your website to the last system backup on August 10, 2011.”

I marveled at that accusation, because I typically have the bases covered when it comes to protecting my electronic data. In fact, you could say I’m obsessive-compulsive about it. I couldn’t imagine having turned off the database backup (by unchecking a box that should have been checked by default, for example). So there must have been a good reason it wasn’t enabled.

By the time I was finished poking around the Network Solutions website to figure out why (and I spent quite a while searching for answers, while needing to move on to more important things, such as my homework), I thought my head was going to explode.

I had foolishly assumed that database backup was the default setting on my account. Apparently I was wrong, and I spent way too much time and mental effort trying to figure out how to enable it. (I’m fairly tech-savvy, so this was extremely frustrating.) With every click to the next level of supposed enlightenment and protection on the NS site, I became more and more convinced that if I clicked down through one more level, my computer would explode. Or, at the very least, I would wipe out something I didn’t want to wipe out. Like the ability to maintain any basic level of cognitive function in my brain.

Did I mention that the instructions guided me to click things that didn’t exist in my account? Yeah. So I was basically on a wild goose chase, trying to figure out how “My Blog Package” (on my screen) could be the equivalent of “My Hosting Packages” (in the instructions). I navigated down a few layers before encountering this scary message:

Warning: Editing your WordPress mySQL database may irretrievably damage your WordPress blog. Are you sure you want to edit your WordPress database?”

I’m pretty sure this is where I jumped off the train last time, the day I signed up with Network Solutions. But this time I drilled down farther. I got to another screen with unfamiliar settings; nevertheless, I tried clicking on some of the menu items. When I got to another scary message – one with talons and fangs – I backed away from the monster. My schoolwork was a higher priority than fixing my blog.

Bruce said he would investigate further for me (using message boards, which tend to be more informative than a site’s “help” function), but he hasn’t had time yet. We’ll figure it out eventually. Meantime, I’ll get around to restoring the old posts that were lost between July 30 and … whenever I last posted.

Ironically, because my hard drive is getting crowded I’ve been deleting old blog photos and posts (I write them in Word and copy and paste to the blog), using this rationale: “I can delete these – if my computer crashes, I can always go to my blog host to get them back.”

Excuse me while I go scoop the pieces of my brain off the floor.

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