What’s your sign?

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about my “big thing.”

The past year, I’ve tried to focus on my purpose – how God wants me to spend the rest of the days He has ordained for me to be on this earth.

I’ve always been one to post quotes, scripture passages and photos that inspire me. I’m not talking about posting them online, although I do that on occasion. I mean in my physical surroundings. I have them on my bathroom mirror, on the walls of my cubicle at work, everywhere I can put something to remind me of important ideas, to inspire me to take action – to avoid being just another bloated sac of protoplasm that takes up space on planet earth and never contributes.

This morning’s blog post by Seth Godin got me to thinking that maybe it’s time to put all my “little things” together – all those signs, quotes, pics – into one “big thing.”

It was just a simple thought, stated near the end of the post, that got me:

“ … it’s worth taking a minute to look at the big sign hanging over your desk (you do have a big sign, right?) that says what you’re actually seeking to do, the change you’re working to make.”

I worked on writing a mission statement for a few months, and I still have the idea in my mind, but I’m not sure it’s quite right. I’ve let it alone lately. Too much pressure to make it sound right to everyone else. I know what I’m trying to do (my mission), but sometimes articulating it to myself is enough – at least for now.

MissionStatementCoveyQuoteWhat is the Big Thing for me? How do I put it into words, share it?

I’m working on it.

Stay tuned.




Have you thought about your Big Thing, your purpose? Let’s start talking about it.

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