I’m ready for my close-up

NormaDesmond_closeupI’ve been a bit out of pocket lately and thought I’d better check in, lest you forget me.

I haven’t forgotten you.

I’m pretty sure I haven’t gone this long between posts since January. Starting a second blog has had its pluses and minuses. Time management has been one of the challenges.

It isn’t that I’m out of ideas. I’ve made several attempts at posts for this space, but for various reasons I haven’t finished. I’ve been:

  1. On deadline (I had to prepare to teach a session on self-editing for Arkansas Women Bloggers University).
  2. Sick.
  3. Tired (so what else is new?).
  4. Out of town for three days (AWBU).
  5. Blogging for Arkansas Women Bloggers, Tweeting from the conference, learning stuff, eating.
  6. Working at my day job.
  7. Running errands on my lunch breaks (when I usually try to write, read or listen to webinars).
  8. Zoning out instead of doing anything productive at home (except for the nights I stayed up late working on my presentation).
  9. Various combinations of the above.

We got home Sunday evening from the conference, and my first post for the Arkansas Women Bloggers site was due. I’m Blogger of the Month for September! I took a little nap first (I was not only tired but sick), then I got up to write the post. I turned it in on deadline: at 11:59 p.m.! 🙂

I’ve been feeling the ARWB love the past few weeks. First, I was honored to be invited to lead a session at the conference, then to be Miss September. (Hence, the headline – a reference to a famous movie line. Did you catch it? Also, since Baptist Health followed me around with cameras a couple of years ago, I’ve been known around the house as Diva. It’s OK, though; Bruce has his own special title: Diva Driver.)

No, I haven’t forgotten you, and I wanted to make sure you knew that I’m committed to being consistent here but just have been close to burnout a few times lately.

I’m tired, but my commitment to Suzy & Spice is still strong.

Stay tuned for an announcement about some things I have in the works. I hope you’ll be as happy as I am about them.


FakingBalanceCoverA special note: If you need a few good laughs, check out fellow Arkansas Women Bloggers member Lela Davidson’s new book, Faking Balance: Adventures in Work and Life. It came out yesterday, and I got a copy (autographed!) when she spoke Friday night at our conference. I’ve been reading her first book, Blacklisted from the PTA (same link as above), because I like to do things in order (I’m weird like that). But I know that Faking Balance is going to be just as good as Blacklisted. (Her second book, Who Peed on my Yoga Mat? is on my nightstand ready to go.)

Happy reading!

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2 thoughts on “I’m ready for my close-up

  • Monday, September 7, 2015 at 12:14 pm

    Glad to see you back, and congrats on being blogger of the month!

    Those day jobs are always getting in the way…

  • Monday, September 7, 2015 at 4:38 pm

    Thanks, Jim! Blogger of the Month is keeping me on my toes. It’s nice to have today off from my day job, though. 🙂

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