Color correction

I got tired of purple but can’t find a theme I like better than this one, and its color choices are limited. I’m trying green for a while but will prolly go back to purple soon. One of these days I’ll be able to afford to buy a domain name and make my own pages. (Didn’t I whine about wanting to do that last time I changed my theme?) Meantime I’m stuck with what other people design and WordPress offers for free.

Could be worse. I could be homeless. Please understand I really do know how spoiled it sounds to be complaining about Web page color choices.

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Gotta blog

Sometimes you gotta blog because … well, just cuz.

Because it’s fun, and a way to express yourself, release tension, get some of those random thoughts out of your head … just cuz.

In WordPress, you can check your blog stats and see how many people have checked you out.

My “Best Day Ever” was Nov. 29 — the day after my birthday — with 66 views. Wow, my readership must have been touched by my homemade-flower picture and the heartwarming story of my loving husband’s selfless gift.

Imagine my disappointment the day I discovered that my blog had been accessed by something like 1,300 people in the few weeks I had been posting.

Yes, disappointment.

I know I don’t have that many friends, I told Bruce. They must have told their friends. People are Googling me and clicking on my blog! I’m well-known in the blogosphere!

And my ever-supportive husband was there for me once again. He reminded me that the world contains all sorts of people … spammers, hackers, geeks — all kinds of greedy entrepreneurs who trawl cyberspace for e-mail addresses, personal information, any tidbit they can use to make money.

And those spammers were probably responsible for most of the 1,300 hits.


Of course I knew that. But before he brought me back to earth, I had been queen for a moment.

I’ve never been popular, and usually it doesn’t bother me.

But I do want to be liked. And I like knowing that my friends and loved ones read my blog, enjoy it and occasionally get a chuckle from it.

In my dreams — some of them, at least — I’m hilarious, the life of the party, unself-conscious, witty, charismatic, beautiful. (In my other dreams I’m a world-class pianist who can tear up a keyboard like nobody’s business.)

In the blogging world, I tend to take on the tone and language of whomever I read last or have been thinking about (even those who go weeks without posting!). I have a couple of hilarious blogging friends. When I read their posts, I get hip, talk cool and know all the latest pop culture references. In those moments, I am queen of the blogosphere.

Dream on.

In the real world, I’m just a regular gal, and that works for me most of the time.

Gotta blog? Post your comments below.

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Do not adjust your set

I’ve changed my page theme again, so if you are just catching up on old posts, don’t read Tuesday’s and vote (but do read the P.S.). That day I mentioned the blue theme, and now I’ve gone purple. Thought I’d better say something or people just now reading Tuesday’s post about blue and Sapphire will think I’m colorblind — one of the few traits I did not inherit from my dad.

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My clean-shaven hubby

Bruce and I are having a lot of fun with his new blog (and my nearly new blog). It has given us another thing in common. For years, one of our more frequent topics of conversation has been computers. We’re both kinda techy-geeky.

He has more knowledge of the underbelly than I do, but I’m the one with the most software and the newest computer (because I have freelanced for so long and have had to adapt to different scenarios).

I have lots of pix of him in my iPhoto library, so he had to ask me for one for his About Me page. He didn’t like the one I chose (he doesn’t like the clean-shaven look), so I told him I was going to post it on my blog. He said that was fine, but he did not want to use it as the one that would stay on his site in perpetuity.

I have to admit that on the rare occasion that he shaves his entire face, it takes me two or three days to get used to it, but it’s my favorite look. His best feature is his smile, and I can see it better without all those whiskers!

So, as lame as it is to write a post just to show you this picture, that’s what I’m doin’. Most people don’t get to see his whole adorable face! So …

Here he is … my clean-shaven Brucie. Ain’t he cute?

clean-shaven Bruce

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Trying out a new theme

Time to play with backgrounds and fonts. Tell me what you think about this theme. Besides the fact that blue is my favorite color, I just like the name of this one — Sapphire.

Until I have time to learn the intricacies of CSS, I will live within the boundaries of the themes coded by more serious geeks — no customization for a while. Someday I’ll create my own. Meanwhile, tell me what you like or don’t like about this set-up. (My first thought is, this one tells the date I posted but not the time. Don’t like that, for sure. Only because I’m obsessive about details. No comments from you, D.J.!)

Post your comments below.


P.S. My honey finally started a blog. See Brulog in blogroll at right, or click here. His first topic is a good one. You’ll see. 🙂

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