Happy birthday, Lynn

I don’t even know where to begin.

Which means you may get a lot of random thoughts in this post. I’m just going to start with what’s on my mind at this very moment:

We had a party yesterday.

Lynn, Suzy and Salsa

Yesterday was Lynn’s birthday, and because she and her son Jacob were driving down for Friday night’s season-ending BHS victory (Go, Pioneers!), we decided we’d finally have our “housewarming” party and combine it with birthday cake.

We had an incredible time, and Lynn took a few pictures (I didn’t even get our camera out). Jacob shot a multilingual birthday video for our friend Becky (sorry, it’s Rebecca now), who lives in Nashville and couldn’t be here. Rebecky’s birthday is today. We told her Happy Birthday in at least four languages (thank you, Desiree, for the Pig Latin!).

Bruce had worked diligently to hang the family photos that had been leaning against the wall in our hallway. I don’t think anyone even looked at the photos during the party, as we didn’t do a “home tour.” People just started coming in and sitting around the music area, chatting and then eventually pickin’ and grinnin’.

We had everyone but Lynn and her boys out of here by Razorback game time (they had an hour’s drive home, so they missed a good bit of the first half). Mom called just as they were leaving and invited us over to watch. So after the kitchen cleaned itself up (not!), we went to Mom’s. I was nearly numb with tiredness (I’d say exhaustion, but it wasn’t quite that severe – Bruce may dispute this, but I didn’t stress out as much over this party as I have with previous ones). And Mom hadn’t been able to come to the party because she wore herself out cleaning out her storage building.

So we went to Mom’s to watch the Hogs beat South Carolina. Go, Hogs!

I could barely walk by the time we got home, and I went straight down the hall toward the bedroom to turn on the electric blanket and the heating pad. I noticed that Bruce had hung all three of the framed photo collages that had been leaning against the wall. I had barely noticed because I had already warned our potential party guests that there was so much to do at the house, we might not have pictures hung.

Bruce, nevertheless, worked to get the hallway done.

And last night, as I walked to the bedroom in my bleary-eyed state, I happened to look at all his handiwork so I could thank him for his hard work. The last one on the left, just before the bedroom door, was one of the aforementioned collages.

I said something like, “You do know that this last photo collage is of people chosen by the photo-frame manufacturers?”

“What?” he said, walking down the hall toward me.

“These are pictures of people inserted by the makers of this frame and collage.”

“Oh. I thought they were your nieces and your childhood friends and relatives.”

I had bought Mom the collage several years ago, but she was expecting me to fill it with family photos. I never got around to it.

At least it’s not cluttering the floor in the hallway anymore.

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Out with the old

This is the reason I haven’t posted in so long.

We’ve been in our house in Batesville for about five weeks now (after staying at Mom’s tiny house for five weeks).

I’ve been dying to update everyone about all that has been going on in our lives (my new job, family stuff, new church, community events), but the house has overshadowed most of it. We’ve been ripping down wallpaper, washing off the old glue, unpacking boxes (a few at a time) and trying to find time to sleep and enjoy a little bit of family fellowship. After all, family is why we moved here.

After we moved in with Mom on May 8 (just 5 hours after I took my accounting final [I made an A in the class, by the way]), we drove back to North Little Rock every weekend to haul more stuff up here, clean and make repairs at that house.

(Speaking of the North Little Rock house, tell all your friends about it! We want to sell it: Click here to see the real estate listing.)

You can’t really tell by the photo above, but the carpet was mint green and the wallpaper was several decades old. Another thing this picture doesn’t tell: This floral wallpaper (and the paneling) encompasses not only the hallway and the “den” area but the kitchen and dining room. That’s a lot of flower.

We replaced the carpet before we moved in, then we started ripping down wallpaper. Bruce has nearly finished painting the walls a nice kitcheny green (darker than it looked at the store, but we can live with it for now). Then we’ll tackle the bathrooms. Betcha can’t wait to see those photos! (Wait until you see the pink-tiled bathroom with the pink-flowered wallpaper.)

Hey, friends, I want to tell (and show) you all about it, but it’s bedtime for this sleepy girl. I’ll work really hard to post again soon. I have nearly a month before classes start at my new school, UACCB (I’ve declared a banking and finance major now that I’ve started my really great bank job), so I need to post a good update before I get too busy with my studies.

Hope all is well with you all, my friends. Post a comment and say hey.

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