White River Photographers Club minutes – Dec. 9, 2010


I tried to upload the minutes of last week’s White River Photographers Club to Facebook tonight as a PDF, but apparently that’s not possible. Here are the minutes, and I will be linking to this post from Facebook until we figure out a more elegant way to do it.

White River Photographers Club
Meeting Minutes
Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010

The Batesville Camera Club, subsequently renamed the White River Photographers Club, convened at 6:30 p.m., with club co-founder Michael McGaha presiding and Suzy Oakley taking notes.

The main topic was the upcoming photo scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt’s dual purpose is to create interest in club membership and to promote Batesville businesses.

Details: The contest will run Jan. 13-20. Club members will judge the entries Jan. 20 for first, second and third prize.

Michael McGaha and Suzy Oakley will visit Batesville merchants to offer them the opportunity to participate. Participation can involve simply promoting the contest if the merchant prefers not to give a prize or have a clue inside the business.

A merchant who wants to participate actively will offer a prize and be willing to have an item at the business that will be photographed for the contest. An item does not have to be inside the business; it can be a fixture or a permanent object outside, or even a part of nature. We’re looking for unique features around town.

Club co-founder Clayton Cavaness will make fliers that can be posted in merchants’ windows or handed out. Merchants who post fliers will have contest clues on hand to give to contestants. A contestant also may get the clues from the club by e-mailing Michael.

Contest entries must be submitted by Jan. 20. Contestants should bring their photos to the meeting on a flash drive, a CD or some other removable medium.

Suzy will contact Eye On Independence magazine to see about submitting an article about the contest, and Michael will contact the Batesville Guard to promote it.

Club members will have a special meeting Jan. 6 to compile clues for the scavenger hunt.

The club voted to change its name from Batesville Camera Club to White River Photographers Club so that photography enthusiasts outside Batesville would feel welcome. (Immediately after the meeting, Clayton created a Facebook page with the new name.)

Club members showed some of the photos they had taken, and the group discussed techniques and tips.

The meeting adjourned. The next regular meeting is Jan. 20, when contest entries will be judged.

– Submitted by Suzy Oakley

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