Wednesday morning hospital update

Bruce had a difficult night.

They took him downstairs for the CT scan between 7 and 7:30 Tuesday evening. That went OK, but he had some “lurching” in his torso, probably from the solution he drank, while they did part of the scan. Lurching is my word for it after he showed me what happened (I don’t want to call it a convulsion, although it certainly looked like it). He would probably have a more eloquent description. He usually does.

At 8:45 p.m. he asked for pain medication (unusual for him). He immediately started feeling sleepy but was still awake when I left an hour later. The nurse was in and out a lot during that hour, changing his feed bag, answering some of my concerns about the spikes in his blood sugar, taking his vitals, etc.

This morning he told me the pain shot had made him feel strange. He also had to have nausea medication, which made him feel strange in a different way. He didn’t sleep much and looks and sounds weak this morning.

On a positive note, he ate most of his breakfast (oatmeal, a cherry ice cup and a small carton of 2 percent milk, which he said tasted strange). He didn’t drink his apple juice, but the nurse said she was impressed that he ate as much as he did. He has gained 3 pounds since Monday (up to 133 today), but I think a lot of it is the fluids coursing through him. He usually gains weight in the hospital but starts losing it again when we go home.

He said his tongue is furrier today, but in his opinion when they start getting rid of the fungus in his mouth, his abdominal symptoms get worse. He thinks the fungus wards off bacteria elsewhere in his body.

The human body is a strange thing, and Crohn’s disease is a mysterious disease.

The pharmacist just came in and said he’s adding insulin to the next feed bag and will adjust a couple of other things. The pharmacists have been very attentive, and I appreciate their diligence.

Keep prayin’.

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One thought on “Wednesday morning hospital update

  • Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 9:07 am

    I’ll be praying, every day…
    I know God can use pain in a mighty way…it reminds us how little control we actually have (none)…and how gracious His mercies are.

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