Thursday hospital update

First, let me say that my prayers go out to the family of Bill Gwatney, who was murdered yesterday at his office at the Arkansas Democratic Party headquarters in Little Rock, and to the family of Timothy Dale Johnson, the man who killed him and was shot to death by police.

As for Bruce, here are a few random pieces of information:

My husband is so in tune with his body. He knows the difference between the lipids dripping down through the IV (the fats make his bottom parts more supple and less painful when he has to visit the potty) and the bag with sugar and insulin. He gets the lipids only every two days, so since they took that off last night, he is having more pain on his bathroom trips. With the non-lipid bag, his mouth is drier and he has more pressure in his abdomen. And, even though he’s getting carbs, he’s more lethargic. He usually can tell the difference quickly in a change in medication or nutrition. His body systems are a delicate balance, and it is amazing what he knows about it. Now, if only he could figure out the cure for Crohn’s disease.

He had a really low blood-sugar reading yesterday, but we are now convinced the test was done incorrectly. The pharmacist said Bruce would have been trembling and disoriented if the reading truly had been 56, yet he didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary.

The lowest the blood sugar has been this week on the IV fluids is 142. The high was 232 around 6 p.m. Wednesday. He has had several insulin shots this week. This is a new experience for us. He hasn’t had these issues on any previous hospitalization.

This is Bruce’s sixth hospitalization since he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in December 1998. It’s the fourth hospitalization since May 2007.

Last night, around the time of the staff’s shift change, we heard a bit of drama two doors down. First there was unintelligible yelling, followed by, “Security! Security!” and more yelling. I peeked out to see several nurses and a couple of visitors outside the room. Turns out, one patient was trying to sleep, his roommate’s visitors had had too much to drink and were being too loud, the sleepy patient asked them politely, then later a little more forcefully, to be quiet, and it escalated from there. They had to move one of the patients to a different room.

We hear and see a lot of funny and strange things here at Springhill. I could tell you some hospital tales. I’m debating about one in particular from last summer’s hospital stay. Not sure I can tell it in polite company, especially if you’re reading this while eating breakfast.

I’ll report more later. The surgeon is supposed to visit today, but the gastroenterologist doesn’t think he’ll want to cut on Bruce’s butt this time (he did in December). If no surgery is ordered, Bruce will probably go home Friday or Saturday loaded up with prescriptions for antibiotics and steroids.

Keep prayin’.

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