Batesville Camera Club

To my friends without Facebook pages (or, really, to my friends with FB pages, too):

Michael McGaha and Clayton Cavaness, two very talented local photographers, have corralled a few people and started a camera club (we’re working on a more-inclusive name than Batesville Camera Club, but for now that’s what it’s called).

If you have any ideas for a club name that will let everyone know that this is open to anyone, regardless of ZIP code, please suggest them in the comment section of this post or on the Batesville Camera Club Facebook page. Note that when we do decide on a name, we’ll have to establish a new FB page and I don’t believe the posts will transfer. So either search for such terms as “White River Camera Club” (one of the suggested names) or come here to post a comment – or e-mail me if you have my address.

We meet at 6:30 p.m. the second Thursday of each month (next meeting Dec. 9) and will start having a field trip once a month, too. The meetings are in the Batesville Municipal Building.

Here are the main points from the 11/11/10 meeting:

1.  Each club member showed pictures we have taken that we like or wanted  advice on. There are some really talented people in our group, and I  learned a thing or two. For instance, Michael took some really pretty  night shots of flowers; he said he uses a wireless flash that he holds  several inches away from his camera.

2. We’d like to decide on a name by the next meeting because …

3.  We’re going to do a photo scavenger hunt and involve the Main Street merchants. We talked about doing it before Christmas, when the merchants  would be eager to have people in their shops, but we decided we don’t  have enough time to get that accomplished by the Dec. 9 meeting (because  we’ll have to select the items from the stores and then write clues for  them, after giving the merchants time to let us know if they’d like to  participate). We also discussed that people might get cameras for  Christmas and be eager to use them after Christmas (also, this will get  people in the stores for post-Christmas sales). We’ll get the Batesville  Guard to post an announcement and let people have one week to submit  the photos of the scavenged items they find in the stores. The merchants  won’t be allowed to give hints, and if someone takes a photo of the  wrong item, the merchant just has to let them do it. (If there’s not  room in the Guard to post the list, we’ll post it on FB; if someone  doesn’t have an FB page, Michael can e-mail it or they can drop by his  office or the Guard to get a printout.)

4. We’d like to have a  photography theme for each meeting. Next up: “Things I’m Thankful For.” To participate, bring a thumb drive (or CD) with 5-10 photos of  things you are thankful for and be prepared to share a bit about the photography: how you set up the shot, any technical or creative aspects of the shot, etc.

You do not have to be a professional photographer, or even really good at taking pictures, to be a part of the club. I certainly am a complete amateur; I simply love taking pictures. If that describes you, come join us at our next meeting or visit our Facebook page.

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