Introducing “books i love”

I’ve created a page called “books i love.” You’ll find the link at the top left of this page, two clicks to the right of HOME. Once you click on BOOKS I LOVE, you’ll see a submenu, where you’ll see new book-related posts as I write them. Tonight’s, for example, is called BOOKS I’VE READ IN 2010. I’ll be adding to “books i love” as I have new books to report on.

This is a work in progress. There are more “books I love” than I’ve had time to post tonight; the list will grow and grow.

If you’re a book lover, I hope you enjoy this new feature. If you’re not a book lover, I hope it inspires you to become one. If you’re somewhere in between, well, turn off your computer, pick up a good book and start reading!

Let me know what books you love – click on the BOOKS I LOVE tab and post a comment.

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