10 things you need to know about me, Part 1

This is the first in a 10-part series of things you need to know about me. Also, I’m reserving the logo for other series on ‘10 things you need to know’ about other stuff. (This could get fun!)

10 ThingsLogoI follow a weird guy named James Althucher on some social media channels. I read his blog and sometimes listen to his podcasts; he pops up in my Twitter feed occasionally.

James definitely thinks outside the box, and he’s an odd combination of brave and vulnerable. I think that’s why his work resonates with me.

Here’s one of his “33 Unusual Tips to Being a Better Writer”:

Don’t be afraid of what people think. For each single person you worry about, deduct 1% in quality from your writing. Everyone has deductions. I have to deduct about 10% right off the top. Maybe there’s 10 people I’m worried about. Some of them are evil people. Some of them are people I just don’t want to offend. So my writing is only about 90% of what it could be. But I think most people write at about 20% of what it could be. Believe it or not, clients, customers, friends, family, will love you more if you are honest with them. So we all have our boundaries. But try this: for the next ten things you write, tell people something that nobody knows about you.

I tend to be pretty honest; I calls it how I sees it. That doesn’t mean I open my mouth at every opportunity to express an opinion; sometimes I remain silent. But it means that, when I do open my mouth, it takes a lot of work not to blurt out what I see, how I feel.

I hold back a lot, especially in public forums such as social media, for a few reasons: 1) I don’t have the energy to fight a losing battle, 2) fighting on social media is usually a losing battle; it’s just not the place to have a decent, intelligent, mutually respectful conversation and 3) I realize that I’m not always right. (Shocking, I know.)

So I hold back.

But one of my goals is to be brave, and I feel a lot safer doing that on my two blogs.

Here (and here), I can express my opinions, take my time in explaining (or not), and not fear being interrupted by blowhards.

So here, today, I’m taking up James Altucher’s challenge to “tell people something that nobody knows about [me]” (although the people really, really close to me won’t be surprised):

If I had my way, I would be a happy homemaker, a domestic diva, instead of working in a bank. I’d bake pies, cakes and cookies, make quilts, can vegetables that I’ve grown in my garden, plant flowers all over the yard and have people over for swim parties all the time (if we had a pool). I would be the Martha Stewart of the South. You wouldn’t be able to keep up with all the crafts I would make; all my friends would have homemade totes and sock monkeys for Christmas and so many crocheted scarves they’d hate to see me coming (if I could crochet), and we’d all be fat from all the sugar and butter in the Christmas desserts and birthday cakes and “just because” goodies.

I’d spend my spare time (!) volunteering for all the causes I’ve neglected since I had to quit full-time freelancing and get a “real job.” I’d wear bluejeans and shorts and running shirts and flip-flops.

I’d go on mission trips to Guatemala and Kenya and Haiti and anywhere else I could go, all because my time would be more flexible than it is now.

Of course I’d have to be independently wealthy to do this.

Which means I’ll have to keep at the writing.

Good thing I love it.

What about you? Tell us one thing nobody knows about you. We’ll keep this going for 9 more rounds, so be thinking about what you want to share. Be brave, my friend. We can keep a secret.

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2 thoughts on “10 things you need to know about me, Part 1

  • Wednesday, July 15, 2015 at 8:40 am

    Oh the things I would do if I didn’t do the things I have to do! sigh…back to work!

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