Woof … woof … woof …

You cannot imagine how guilty I feel.

Five minutes ago, this was going to be a different post. Similar (less blurry) picture but different words.

I had been e-mailing an old friend with whom I had lost touch – in fact, I was writing about the Spice Dogs because he had written to me about his dog. Pepper had been talking to me for half an hour from the bedroom: woof … woof … woof.

Usually when she does that, there is no discernible reason. She just feels like woofing. You barely can hear it if you’re not in the room with her.

I had told my friend in the e-mail that Pepper was letting me know it was 30 minutes to breakfast. She usually dances around my chair when mealtime is that close, but this time she chose to communicate from the bed.

I kept saying, “Pepper, hush!” But she kept on. I finally went to look in on her, and she was lying there, chin down, just staring at me. Nothing appeared to be wrong, so I took a picture of her, told her to hush and came back to the computer.

When I uploaded the photo, I saw that it was blurry, so I went to take another one. She lifted her head, and I told her to get back in that “cute position” so I could take her picture in the cute little turtleneck I had bought her (size XXS) so she wouldn’t shiver so much when going outside to potty.

Then I saw her little paw sticking awkwardly out of the sweater.

Her left leg was hung in the collar of her little turtleneck. She had been woof-woofing because she couldn’t get off the bed!

Needless to say, the second photo went untaken. It took some maneuvering, but I got her tiny little leg back to the correct opening of her sweater.

The Spice Dogs got breakfast 10 minutes early today.

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