2 steps forward, 1 step back

I have been busy lately, but less busy than a week ago. I have been stressed lately, but less stressed than a week ago. (Praise God.) Still, the schedule is busier than I would like.

School was effectively over for me last night after I made my oral presentation (with PowerPoint), a culmination of the paper I’ve been writing all semester and turning in 8-10 pages at a time. We still have one class period to go, but the hard work is over. And I don’t have to take my final(!) because I have an A average and he will use my lowest test score (96) in place of the final.

I’m still in recovery from the insanity pod that was noshing on my brain last week. That’s why today wasn’t so successful, foodwise, and how I now know for sure that I must tell you what I eat – every day – or the wheels will come off the bus. The train will jump the tracks. I will “jump the shark.” (If you don’t get that last one, you don’t watch enough 1970s TV. And it really doesn’t apply directly to this conversation; I just like the phrase. And for once I did not make it up. Click here for its origin.)

You may become bored reading my food diary every day (and I’m sure I’ll get bored reporting it), but in reading my “Going public” post of April 5, you became my accountability partner. (Didn’t you know that?) And I think reporting my food is going to be more important than reporting my weight, which this morning was 196 (or 198 on an accurate scale). That’s a half-pound up from yesterday. I’m not too worried about that because of the fluctuations that can occur regardless of what I eat. Nevertheless, I will be reporting my food from now on.

Here’s what I ate today:


  • Coffee with fat-free hazelnut creamer (same as usual)
  • Bran flakes with skim milk (same as usual)

Midmorning snack:

  • Baked Cheetos (I’m out of almonds at work)
  • Passion-fruit tea


  • Burger, fries and Coke (not my usual iced tea, not even diet Coke but regular Coke)


  • One piece of Bruce’s leftover meat lovers pizza, cold (Mom had ordered the pizza during a recent fundraising drive at work, it was delivered today, and she gave it to Bruce)
  • Three-fourths of the egg salad sandwich that I forgot to take to work
  • Water

Not terrible, in the grand scheme of things, but forgetting my sandwich is what sidetracked me today; at lunch I was in a hurry and just drove through Wendy’s instead of coming home to get my sandwich. I also had been planning to go to the grocery store at lunch (where almonds were on my list), but after pointing the car in that direction I decided to go to the park, sit in my car and read. So my little red Honda turned around and headed the other direction.

The insanity pod is losing its grip on my gray matter, but I feel as though I’m coming off a severe case of bronchitis, or the flu, or some debilitating illness from which it takes a bit of time before you feel your old self again.

And in the interests of rest and more reading pleasure, I’m going to sign off, crawl under the covers with my furbabies and read.

Please share your thoughts with me today. How do you overcome times of “weakness” regarding food choices?


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