Are runners crazy?

Don’t tell my mother (Mom, stop reading right here; turn on the TV and find a Cardinals game or something), but we ran during the thunder and impending storms this evening.

No one saw lightning, but our Intermediate Runners coach heard thunder before we started.

“I don’t want to be paranoid, but I don’t want to be stupid, either,” Coach said. So instead of running the entire 5K course, we ran just 2 miles.

I told him I’d rather be considered paranoid than get struck by lightning. Nevertheless, I ran right along with the rest of the crazy people. I needed it (I ate too many Baked Cheetos today).

By the time we finished, it had started to sprinkle, so it was a good thing we exercised caution along with our calf muscles. We still didn’t see lightning, though; I think it was a ways off.

But a normal person would have gone straight home and turned on the local weather. Which is exactly what I did – after we ran. Under the thunder clouds.

And who am I kidding? My mother isn’t watching the Cardinals; she’s watching Ned, Todd and Barry on Channel 7 – the same weather guys I’m listening to as I write. But it’s a good thing I get UACCB alerts – I just got a text saying we’re under a tornado warning, but I didn’t hear the KATV guys say that (Ned, you have to speak louder when I’m typing!).

Are runners crazy?

Yeah, just a little bit.

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